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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
Resource Responsibility

Become a Distributor


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in being a prospective distributor for the Kleenoil Bypass Oil Filtration System, Power Up Lubricants and Bio-Matrix oil and chemical remediation absorbent!

With the recent movement of companies to green products, pushes by companies to have sustainability initiatives, and current pricing on fuel and oil products, timing could not be more perfect to have a master distributorship with Kleenoil USA Inc. providing these products!

Each Master Distributorship would have an exclusive, protected territory and would give you the right to sell and market the three product lines in your area:

kleenoil_logo Engraved_sm The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System is a bypass filter that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filtering media at about 3 quarts per minute.  At this speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron and totally remove water, greatly decreasing engine wear and purifying the oil to prolong its life.  Kleenoil can eliminate water and particle contamination, extend engine oil life up to 5 times and hydraulic oil up to 10 times, reduce engine wear and component wear, dramatically reduce downtime, remove particles down to 1 micron, and is applicable to engines as well as hydraulic systems.
Powerup Logo_chrome_pipe The Power Up Lubricant line of products has been engineered to reduce wear, energy consumption and provide uninterrupted equipment operation through better lubrication.  The Power Up product line consists of:  NNL-690, which is a boundary lubricant for engines, NNL-690G, a boundary lubricant for gear oil, Hydra Maxx, a hydraulic system treatment, Gen 49D, a diesel fuel top end lubricant that has a cetane improver, a combustion enhancer and injector cleaner that increases fuel mileage, Thixogrease, a high pressure, high temperature grease, LHP 454, a one-shot multifunctional performance gas additive, and RCL1000, Penetrating Fluid 2000, which are all spray lubricant products.

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Bio-Matrix is a natural absorbent made from sphagnum moss…a made to order natural solution for environmental spills.  100% organic, lab-tested, field proven, light weight…economical, efficient, non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-leaching.  In its dry form it absorbs approx 10 times its own weight in hydrocarbons-and then rapidly turns these pollutants into natural by-products.  It suppresses vapors and will not absorb water.  Bio-Matrix absorbs and encapsulates on contact:  Oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, organic chemicals, PCB's blood, dyes, and vegetable oils.  Ideal for water clean-ups and waste wash filtration.  For land spills, water clean-ups, waste wash filtration.  High vapor suppression (up to 90% for gasoline) greatly eliminates explosion.

By clicking on the following link, you can fill in your name and information and we will get you out a distributor interest packet that will contain all information on an enclosed DVD is encoded in the Adobe Acrobat format.  If you cannot open these files you can install the Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the folder and you can install the needed reader directly from the CD. After you have read and reviewed the enclosed information, please contact me here at our marketing headquarters in Dallas, TX to talk about our Master Distributor opportunities in your state regarding this product line.

Please feel free to contact some of our associate Master Distributors who have started with us over the last two years and will be happy to give you an unbiased opinion on what this opportunity has done for them and how well the product line has been received in their areas:

  • Jeff Smith, Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, (214) 282-1925
  • Marvin, Yuma, Colorado, (970) 630-4677
  • Brad Sawyer, Lafayette, Louisiana, (903) 477-6274
  • Craig Eppler, Mentor, Ohio, (440) 669-4591
  • Mike Richardson, Roswell, New Mexico, (520) 490-1885
  • Craig Hayes, Weatherford, Oklahoma, (580) 819-2373
  • Kent Olmanson, Waseca, Minnesota, (507) 461-1961
  • Keven Birck, Tucson, Arizona, (520) 404-3403
  • Joe Downs, Natchez, Mississippi, (337) 519-1050


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Jon Cleveland
CEO, Kleenoil USA Inc.