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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
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Kleenoil Filter Cartridge Service


The Kleenoil Onboard Oil Recycling System was designed to ensure the effectiveness of continuously cleaning oils used in internal combustion engines and hydraulic systems. During field tests the Kleenoil Onboard Oil Recycling System was entensively used over a five year period in a wide range of engines and hydraulic applications.

Kleenoil Onboard Oil Recycling Systems removes dirt particles to one (1) micron nominal, three (3) microns absolute and absorbs water to less than 0.05% reducing the formation of sulfuric acid.


How to Change a Kleenoil Cartridge

How to Change a Kleenoil Cartridge

In addition to the information derived from an oil sample report, a technician can immediately make the following visual analysis after removing a Kleenoil Filter Cartridge:

  1. As a rule of thumb a cartridge should be replaced after 250 hours of continuous operation.Changing the Kleenoil Filter Cartridge requires much less time than what is required to perform a conventional fluid change. Simply remove the lid from the container to remove the old cartridge. A gray color to the filter outer mesh indicates fuel oil is present in the lubrication system.
  2. An implanted cartridge indicates that the cartridge has absorbed water particulates.


  • Do not attempt to clean out the filter canister, as the inlet and outlet holes are only 1/8th of an inch in diameter. Place the used cartridge in the new cartridge plastic bag and install a new o-ring and filter cartridge. Torque the lid.
  • Start the engine and run for a few minutes until the canister becomes warm from oil circulation; or test the oil pressure via the oil sample port.
  • When taking an oil sample be sure to clean the sample tube by running the oil through the tube before filling the sample bottle.
  • We recommend a TBN or TAN test be carried out when considering extending engine oil beyond 800 hours.