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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
Resource Responsibility

Resource Responsibility

Oil Does Not Wear Out!

  • The U.S. Air Force says; “Despite the popular notion that oil ‘breaks down’ or ‘wears out’ and is unfit for further use, it’s permanent value has been well known to the U.S.A.F. since World War 1”
  • Lubrication Engineering, Vol.17, “Oil does not wear out” Standard Oil of New York; “Many times the question has been asked ‘Does lubricating oil wear out ?’ The question should be answered in the negative”.
  • Mobil Oil Technical Bulletin #863; “Oil does not wear out, breakdown or otherwise deteriorate to such an extent that it needs to be changed. It becomes contaminated with water, acids, carbon particles and sludge. The engine’s oil filter(s) can only remove solid particles above a certain size. It (they) cannot remove water, acids, carbon particles or sludge all of which pass through the filter(s) just as readily as the oil.
  • U.S. Standards Bulletin #86; “Oil does not wear out, but only gets dirty”.
  • Theory and Practice of Lubrication for Engineers, 2nd edition, P590 - P591; “Oil is like any mineral and cannot wear out. Oil can become dirty and contaminated but, like copper, iron or silver, when they are reprocessed, they are as good as new. Studies have shown that oil actually improves significantly in it’s lubricating qualities as it is exposed to heat during use in the engine”.
  • Tribology International, 1991, P329; “New oil right out of the can is not as pure as one might think but contains metallic and non metallic particles in various amounts”.
  • Fact no. 1; When engine oil is replaced, the new oil becomes dirty the moment the engine is started. This is because approximately 18% of the old oil remains in the engine. The 18% old oil instantly mixes with the new oil and the contaminants from the old oil are pumped through the engine.
  • Fact no. 2; Test results from engines equipped with full flow filter elements have shown that 4% of the oil drained from the engines was solid particles consisting of carbon, dirt and metal particles.

Rethinking Basic Maintenance Practices

All of our lives, since we were knee high to a grasshopper, we operators of every kind of truck and heavy equipment have been ordered to obey the Eleventh Commandment:  “Thou shalt change thy oil regularly, no matter how much it costs or how inconvenient it is”.  But as amazing and impossible as it may seem, times are changing, and the Kleenoil bypass filtration unit makes us reconsider and change our routine!

During their 20 years on the world market, Kleenoil Filtration bypass filters have made a big difference in the wallets of operators of trucks and heavy equipment.  They rave about their savings both in time and money, emphasizing their confidence in and their respect for this highly efficient method of cleaning the particles and water out of their oil during the normal running time of the engine.

Kleenoil Filtration bypass filters were originally invented and developed here in America, but they were marketed abroad, especially in Europe, where skyrocketing oil prices in the seventies made consumers more aware than ever of the need to economize.  Kleenoil Filtration bypass filters filled this need, and at the same time, prolonged the lives of their engines as well!

12 Month Oil Drain Normal Procedure

Anyone taught to believe that “whatever else you do or do not do, you must change the oil regularly” finds the bypass filtration concept very difficult to believe and to trust.  It goes against everything that they believe and they need to be very open minded and intelligent individuals to adopt such a radical and innovative thought.  But is it really so radical?  In fact, the basic theory does not change; only the way that same theory is applied.  Why was the oil changed in the first place?  Oil changes were the traditional way to clean the oil.  By taking away the dirty oil, disposing of it, and then replacing it with fresh oil, the oil was “cleaned.”

The Kleenoil bypass filter cleans the oil as it flows.  The more the engine is working the more the bypass filter is cleansing the oil down to 1 micron particles and removing the water as it is produced.  Enlightened mechanics and maintenance managers always wish that they had received the full impact of the bypass filter potential earlier.  It takes away probably the dirtiest regular maintenance operation and allows the mechanic to carry out a much more intelligent and thorough maintenance check in the same time period.  All of which leads to less down time and eliminates costly repairs while at the same time saving a substantial number of dollars.  With the immediate savings running at around $1,000 for each truck per year, enlightened managers soon receive recognition from their companies for the good job that they are doing.

Interstate truckers who cover 150,000 miles a year and need regular oil changes on route have a major headache and cost which is removed by the installation of a Kleenoil bypass filter system.  Of course, they also benefit from having an extra thousand bucks in hand each year and an engine that will last at least twice as long and with fewer problems!

Villeneuve Transport Group, owners of 250 interstate trucks, will not put a new truck on the road until a Kleenoil bypass filter is installed.