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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
Resource Responsibility

Kleenoil Reduces Engine Wear


Cruickshank has been using Kleenoil since 1989 and initially was able to extend oil drain intervals from 200 to 600 hours and then to over 750 hours but were satisfied with the cost savings at 750 hours. The real savings is in engine wear, where, prior to their introduction to Kleenoil, they would do CAT’s recommendation of 15,000 hour bearing replacement. Now they never have to touch the engine for as long as they own the equipment.

  About 15 years ago we equipped a few units, which were in our dirtiest working environment to do a trial testing. We extended our oil change interval from 200 hrs to 600 hrs and began intensive oil sampling and monitoring…..We have also given up on the traditional "bearing roll-in" recommended by some engine manufacturers, as a means of achieving the full life of the engine. We have prevented major engine failures from just the visual and physical condition of the Kleenoil filter itself. Our service intervals are now at 250 hours, extending our drain interval to 750 hrs, or twice a year on most pieces of equipment and vehicles. - Mike Felker, Cruickshank Construction Limited


Villeneuve Tank Lines has been using Kleenoil since 1993 and used to change rod bearings at 200,000 km intervals. With Kleenoil, they change main and rod bearings at 1,800,000 miles.

  "Prior to installing the Kleenoil filter, we used to change the main and rod bearings on our Tandem Milk Trucks at approximately 200,000 kilometers due to the effect of the liquid load shifting band forth in the tank with no baffles. Now we do not bother to check the bearings until we do an in frame because there is very little wear on them. On our Long Distance Highway Tractors we do not look at or change the rod and main bearings as we used to do in the past." - Glen MacDonald, Villeneuve Tank Lines



CRS Contractors Rental Supply has been using Kleenoil since 1989.  Since refitting equipment with Kleenoil have not had to rebuild a single engine.

  "Rental equipment often has a very hard life since it is not always possible to adhere to regular service intervals. As a result we found that we had to carry out major repairs to some of our engines every year. However, since we fitted our fleet with these filters, we have not had to re-build a single engine and, as you can imagine, this represents a considerable savings to our organization." - Randy Speaker, CRS Contractors Rental Supply



Drain Brothers Excavating Limited has been using Kleenoil since 1993.

  "To date, we have over 100 Kleenoil systems installed on engines, hydraulics and transmissions….Our largest benefit from the use of the Kleenoil system is the dramatic increase in component life, and the decrease in downtime. For example, the 350 Cummins that was chosen for trial in the beginning now has over 40,000 hours on it without any major repairs. There has not been any oil related engine failure on the engine that has had the Kleenoil system installed. We have just recently had to rebuild the John Deere engine and were surprised when we were told that the crankshaft did not have any wear and did not have to be turned. This engine has 19,000 hours on it." - Gerry King, Drain Brothers Excavating Limited



This is the inside of an engine head on a Detroit Diesel 3-71 that has a Kleenoil system installed on the Pentagoet Tug at the Maine Maritime Academy.

valve_cover engine

This engine has 8,361 hours on it. As you can tell, this is squeaky clean on the inside.

As a matter of fact, when the Detroit Diesel rep came out to look at the inside of the head, it was so clean that the Detroit Diesel representative basically called the Maine Maritime Academy liars when they told the rep how many hours were on the oil in the engine. The Maine Maritime Academy has had a dramatic decrease in engine wear since installing the Kleenoil system.


Energy Drilling Case Study on Reduced Engine Wear