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Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts

Description: The Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts are free-standing off-line fluid cleaning rigs.

The Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Cart comes available in three iterations:

  • 110V
  • 220V
  • Air Powered (compressor)

The electric version has a robust electric pump to circulate oil from machine reservoirs through 1,2 or 4 Kleenoil Filter Cartridges.

Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts are used as a multi-purpose fluid cleaning and transfer machine. It is ideal for cleaning most hydraulic, gear, and transmission fluid reservoirs and, because of its portable design, the unit can be used for fuel tank purging on trucks, construction equipment, and boats as well as for oil and fuel transfer and rotational cleaning of factory and industrial equipment. The specially designed Kleenoil filter achieves an ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code of 14/9: well below the original standards of the equipment’s original manufacturers and distributors. By filtering particles down to one micron, the Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts minimizes the amount of dirt and debris within a machine and, as a result, will dramatically cut down on repair and maintenance costs.

Fluid cleanliness, particularly in hydraulic systems, is extremely important. It is widely recognized that silt particles (< 5 micron in size) are a primary cause of permature machine failure through abrasive wear of component surfaces. In addition water is a major cause of system damage through accelerated oxidation, corrosion and fluid breakdown. The Kleenoil Filter Cartridge absorbs all free and emulsified water and gradually removes contaminant particles down to less than ISO 14/9 or NAS 1638 class 6 equivalent. It therefore extends oil life through the removal of the oxidation catalysts and at the same time extends component life. The system can also be clean and transfer unused oil (ISO 16/11) prior to use.

The Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts Data Sheet

Level of filtration applying to all units - BS 5540/4, ISO 14/9 and equivalent NAS 1638 class 6. Water removal to <0.05% up to capacity of cartridges which is 0.26 gallons (1.2 liters) each.

Flow Rate: It is impossible to state an exact flow rate because it is dependent upon many factors such as viscosity, temperature, and a degree of contamination of fluid, and also pump pressure and degree of contamination of cartridges. As an approximate guide, the flow of 32 sec. Hydraulic oil at room temperature through new Kleenoil Filter Cartridges will be:

106 Gallons per hour (400 Liters)
159 Gallons per hour (600 Liters)
317 Gallons per hour (1200 Liters)

If faster flows are required they can be achieved by specifying alternative pumps.

Operation: The system is operated by an isolator switch with an 'on/off' lever. A starter and red/green indicator lights can be fitted if required. The unit’s operation is simple. The fluid enters the filter system via the fluid input. There are two outlets: one for filtered fluid and another for non-filtered fluid which is
used when only transferring fluid from one machine to another. Pressure can be monitored by the pressure gauge and controlled by the nearby pressure control valve. Always ensure that the pressure does not exceed 75 lbs PSI. Also, never run the machine without hoses connected to the fluid inlet and
at least one of two outlets.

Changing the Kleenoil Filter Cartridges: The Kleenoil Filter Cartridge should be changed if there is a decrease in flow from the filtered outlet or if the reading on the pressure gauge increases without any valve adjustment. As a rule of thumb, Kleenoil suggests changing the cartridge after 250 hours of operation. To change the Kleenoil Filter Cartridge, undo the four hand nuts evenly. Next, remove the lid and pick out the old “O”-ring gasket. Take the new filter cartridge out of the bag and use the bag to cover your hand. With your hand covered, insert a finger in the center brass ring of the old filter and lift the cartridge out. Enclose the old filter within the plastic bag and dispose of it according to local regulations. Then, insert the new filter with the brass ring up into the housing. Install the new “O”-ring into the lid assembly and place it over the canister. Replace and tighten the hand nuts evenly. Do not use force or any type of wrench on those nuts. The machine is now ready to go with the new Kleenoil Filter Cartridge.

Transfer Pump Facility: The system can be used as a transfer pump by simply removing the 'quick release' coupling from the filter outlet, and fitting it to the pump outlet, thereby bypassing the filter.

Diverter Valve: The newer Mark II model of the Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Cart now comes equipped with a valve which alternates flow through the filtered and non-filtered outputs. When the yellow lever on the valve is in the horizontal position, the flow will exit via the filtered output. When this lever is in the vertical position, the flow will exit directly via the non-filtered output, reducing cartridge wear. Make sure that lever is firmly set in either one of these positions before use.

Pressure Control Valve: These machines are now fitted with a pressure control valve. This valve is preset at the factory and the settings must not be altered. Any tampering with the valve setting will void the warranty.

Additional Information For Air-Operated Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Cart: Kleenoil now offers a Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Cart operated by an air pump. Operation of the unit remains the same as the conventional model with some minor differences:

  • For the air-operated model, the diverter valve and the unfiltered fluid output are located on the opposite side of the machine.
  • There is no pressure gauge as pressure can now be monitored from the air intake control regulator located in the center of the back panel. Again, always ensure that the pressure does not exceed 75 lbs PSI.
  • The air intake and shut off valve are now located on the left-hand side of the machine where the diverter valve and the unfiltered fluid output used to be located.

Guarantee: All Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts carry a twelve month warranty on all parts.

Trouble Shooting: Here are some helpful tips that, if followed, will ensure that the mobile filtration cart works safely and effectively…


  • Ensure that hoses are connected to both the inlet and one of the outlets.
  • Ensure that the power cable is connected to a suitable supply that is properly grounded.
  • Ensure that the power cord is in good condition and not frayed or kinked.
  • Ensure that the Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Cart is always stable on a flat surface while operating.
  • Remember to change the Kleenoil Filter Cartridge.


  • Never run the unit without hoses connected to the inlet and one of the outlets.
  • Never let the pressure exceed 75 lbs per square inch on the pressure gauge.
  • Never let the unit run dry. Always ensure there is fluid in the pump.
  • Never run unit connected to an ungrounded power source.


Kleenoil Mobile Filtration Carts