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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
Resource Responsibility

Kleenoil Bypass Filter Systems

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System is a bypass oil filtration system that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filter cartridge at about 2 to 3 quarts per minute. At this speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute) and remove 99.95% of all water, greatly decreasing engine wear and prolonging oil life. Kleenoil can eliminate water and particle contamination, extend oil life up to 5 times and hydraulic oil up to 10 times, reduce engine wear and component wear, dramatically reduce downtime, remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute), and is applicable to engines as well as hydraulic systems.

The Kleenoil USA filtration unit is made of cast aluminum with a galvanized steel mounting bracket. There are five basic sizes, which are installed according to the applications table below. It is connected to the engine lubricating oil circulating system in a bypass loop using high pressure braided hose and fittings to SAE standards.




  KU06 KU16 KU50 KU65 KU85
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Up to 6 Quarts Up to 16 Quarts Up to 50 Quarts Up to 65 Quarts Up to 85 Quarts
Hydraulic Tank Capacity None Up to 60 Gallons Up to 200 Gallons Up to 300 Gallons Up to 400 Gallons
Water Retention <0.05% 0.026 Gallons 0.07 Gallons 0.12 Gallons 0.20 Gallons 0.26 Gallons
0.104 Quarts 0.28 Quarts 0.48 Quarts 0.80 Quarts 1.04 Quarts
Height 6.125 inches 6.25 inches 6.25 inches 6.5 inches 6.75 inches
15.558 cm 15.875 cm 15.875 cm 16.51 cm 17.145 cm
Diameter 3.00 inches 4.63 inches 7.25 inches 9.50 inches 10.0 inches
7.62 cm 11.76 cm 18.415 cm 24.13 cm 25.4 cm
Weight 4.1 lbs 6.5 lbs 8.1 lbs 10.2 lbs 13.1 lbs

Kleenoil Benefits

  • Eliminates Water
  • Removes Dirt and Contaminants
  • Doesn't Remove Desirable Elements
  • Extends Drain Intervals
  • Reduces Time Needed for Service
  • Continuous Protection Provided
  • Good for the Environment
  • Reduces Costs of Labor

Kleenoil Advantages

  • Single Canister Design
  • Multi-Bolt Lid Design
  • Large Surface Area Filter
  • No Electrical Hookup
  • Simple Installation
  • No Internal Moving Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Year Proven Track Record

Lifetime Warranty

Kleenoil USA Inc. warranties the Kleenoil filter housing and brackets to the original purchaser for life!