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Rising Oil Costs and Environmental Concerns 
Resource Responsibility

How To Take Kleenoil Oil Samples

To properly evaluate machine conditions, the oil samples submitted for analysis must be representative of the system from which they are taken. For best results, follow these guidelines:


  • The machine being sampled should be brought to normal operating temperature. Oil should be circulated, if appropriate. This will ensure that insoluble and semi-soluble contaminants are uniformly dispersed throughout the system. Samples taken from machines that have been inactive for long periods of time are not representative.
  • Each oil sample should always be taken in the same manner and from the same sampling point.
  • Do not sample a machine immediately after an oil change or after a large amount of make-up oil has been added.
  • Use a clean, dry container to draw the oil sample. Ship samples in the plastic bottles provided in the test package kit.

NOTE: When taking oil samples from hydraulic systems for particle count analysis, special care must be taken to assure the samples are representative and that they are contamination free.